Mike Eastman

Jack Jonas Spirit Award

BTCO Team member carries on Jack’s legacy

Congratulations to Mike Eastman, BTCO Imaging Center team member, and this year’s Jack Jonas Spirit Award winner.  Before a crowd of more than 200 people gather for the annual holiday lunch, Mike was recognized for his contributions to the team, and received his award that included a check for $1,000.

Mike Eastman

Mike Eastman receives his award at the annual holiday luncheon recently. Photo by Kacee Schuler, CPRF PR director.

The Jack Jonas Spirit Award is given in honor of the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas visionary founder, John F. “Jack” Jonas.  His legacy is a life wholly committed to championing the independence of people with disabilities in our community and throughout the United States.  Mike is recognized for helping to ensure Jack’s legacy continues and thrives.

Mike’s worthiness for the award is attributed to his 19-year computer programmer and analyst record at Bank of America and his contribution to BTCO.

When Mike first joined the team in 2003, he conducted open-source web research for the US Army Foreign Military Studies Office and the Institute for the Study of Violent Groups.  Throughout these contracts, Mike was part of a team of researchers who collected data that was used by more than 15,000 law enforcement agencies and numerous federal and military intelligence agencies in performance of their respective missions.

Today, Mike is part of a growing team of document conversion professionals, providing services to federal, state, local, and municipal government agencies, and commercial businesses.

“Besides being a computer whiz, Mike is a reliable employee of BTCO,” wrote Pat Terick, CPRF Governmental Activities director, in his nomination letter.  “He is creative, a team player, highly motivated and dependable.”

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