Who is BTCO Inc.?

BTCO Inc. provides a comprehensive, customer-specific solutions through digital document imaging, data services, mailroom operations, and precise-tolerance plot printing.  We’ve grown our experience and skills within commercial, government and military arenas.  Each project and corresponding solution continually adds to our tool box of service-specific solutions we can apply to satisfy your next project.

Our information processing experience covers all aspects of creating, updating, converting, researching, securing, and merging of data.

By deploying skilled professionals and solid workflow solutions, we are firmly grounded in well-documented and proven quality indicators – such as surpassing contractual error-free percentage requirements established by our satisfied customers.

All our experience and skills are leveraged against each and every project, with a watchful eye on the integrity of your data in all its forms.  The projects our customers entrust to us range from the smallest to the largest undertakings to include:

  • Conversion of the 2000 Census for the US Department of Commerce.
  • A massive US Air Force-wide conversion initiative in which we captured more than three million documents within the first four years.
  • An ongoing relationship with the Kansas Corporation Commission that includes the conversion of more than 120 years of regulatory service records.
  • Several projects for Kansas state agencies – both individual projects and open ended contracts that provide ongoing support.
  • A historical conversion project that preserved board of education records for the largest public school district in Kansas preserving records from 1873.
  • Joint ventures with other commercial solution providers in support of large-volume mailroom operations.

Want to learn more? Click here BTCOExperience.PDF for an overview of a few of our projects.

Our Workforce is Our Strength

Our workforce, the people upon whom our reputation is built, is the key to satisfying each customer.  Their diversity and ingenuity are crucial to our success.  As such, BTCO taps into the talent of people with physical disabilities – a community historically underemployed due to employer misconceptions.  BTCO employees use today’s technological advances in software and hardware solutions to overcome work-place barriers to take advantage of their own natural and acquired skills.  In doing this, BTCO customers benefit from a powerful team of experts who are highly motivated and provide our customers excellent services and quality end products.

In 2001, we opened our doors for business with seven employees.  Throughout uncertain economic times we’ve relied on our professional workforce and our determination to provide superior service to all our customers to fulfill our mission.  Today, with a workforce of more than 70 employees at four operating locations, we continue to reach for the next rung on the ladder of success. 

Want to learn more?  Click here CompanyOverview.PDF for a company overview.

Social Rate of Return

BTCO is a not-for-profit company.  This uncommon business structure allows us to accomplish two things:

  • Grow a workforce that includes people with and without physical disabilities in a fully integrated work environment while paying competitive wages and providing full benefits and retirement packages.
  • Support underfunded programs of our parent organization, the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas, which pushes forward career and independent living options for people with disabilities throughout the state and beyond.